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Protect Our Island !

Siesta Beach at Sunset
Your generous support will help us with...

  • Pay for legal representation,
  • Pay for research by professional experts
  • Operate our not-for-profit​

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Join the Protect Siesta Key organization!

Membership levels:

Siesta membership: $150 per year

(residents and property owners of Siesta Key)


Associate Membership: $100 per year

(concerned citizens who do not live or own property on the Key but support our mission)


Condominium Association, Civic Groups,
Business membership: $1,000 per year


To ensure that Protect Siesta Key has the legal resources to undertake any legal option and to do whatever is necessary to protect our island, we need your support and contributions.

Thank YOU!

Use the the form to pay by credit card or

You can mail your check to

Protect Siesta Key
PO Box 15663
Sarasota, FL 34277

Why should you contribute to Protect Siesta Key?

In 2021 Siesta residents Lourdes Ramirez and Rob Sax realized that to ensure that Siesta Key remains a safe place to live and vacation, they needed to take legal action against Sarasota County for approving mega-sized hotels on our overcrowded barrier island.  We won our respective lawsuits in 2023.
Now we are facing a bigger challenge
– Benderson Development has proposed the elimination of or changes to Siesta Key protective laws that we successfully defended in 2023.  
The Protect Siesta Key Board will defend Siesta Key's protective laws at County Commission hearings using lawyers and experts. If we are unsuccessful, PSK will do what is necessary and undertake any legal option to protect our fragile island.  We recognize that a legal battle may be long and expensive.  We need your contributions and your participation at future County Commission hearings to fight any changes to our Comprehensive Plan that will forever change our community and put more lives at risk.  
Note:  Contributions to the Protect Siesta Key organization will be used to pay for legal services including professional experts.  Any contribution made to Protect Siesta Key is not tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!
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